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TSB016: Tyler Tringas on building and growing a $21K/mo. micro-SaaS, how to filter ideas, and more

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Tyler Tringas is the creator of Storemapper, a store locator solution for websites that’s enabled him to spend much of his time as a digital nomad, traveling the world and working out of cafes. He also blogs very transparently about the progress and financials of Storemapper, he’s also writing an eBook called Building a Micro-SaaS Business.

In this episode, Tyler talks about how to run ideas through the meat grinder to determine what is and isn’t worth pursuing, his experiences with building both bootstrapped and funded companies, how he transitioned to his micro-SaaS, Storemapper full time and grew it to a healthy point, how he was able to start spending less time on it, and much more. We also dive into some of the topics of his eBook, Building a Micro-SaaS business, such as where to look for ideas, how to stay focused, when to move on, and how to know when you’re on to something. Tyler will leave you very inspired!

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