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TSB001: Why you need to find the right size audience, with Benjamin Curtis

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Ben has been developing web apps and building startups since ‘99. He launched his first SaaS, Tesly in 2001, his second, Catch the Best in 2007, and his third, Honeybadger in 2012. Along the way he also wrote an ebook (2005), launched (2008) and sold (2015), and contributed to open source projects along the way.

In this episode, Ben talks about where his application and business ideas come from, the differences in audiences his products have, and the challenges and advantages that those present. Ben never fails to inspire! Listen to the show for Ben’s generous gift to listeners — 10% Honeybadger for life for new customers!

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Mentioned in this episode:

Tesly - Ben’s first SaaS

RailsKits - SaaS starter Rails app

CatchtheBest - Ben’s second SaaS

The Blue Ocean

The interview: