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Interviews with entrepreneurs and bootstrappers about bootstrapping, SaaS, growth, marketing, and other startup topics.

I’m your host, Mac Martine. I’m an MVP consultant and developer to some of the best and brightest startups and entrepreneurs, as well as innovation incubators within large companies. I’m based in beautiful Portland, Oregon.

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TSB016: Tyler Tringas on building and growing a $21K/mo. micro-SaaS, how to filter ideas, and more
Tyler Tringas is the creator of Storemapper, a store locator solution for websites that’s enabled him to spend much of his time as a digital nomad, traveling the world and working out of cafes. He also blogs very transparently about the progress and financials of Storemapper, he’s also writing an eBook called Building a Micro-SaaS Business.

TSB015: Brandon Pearce on traveling the world while running an upper 6-figure SaaS
Brandon Pearce is the founder and CEO of which helps independent music teachers manage their studios. He began and grew this business from a side project to the upper 6-figure level, and now manages a team of over 25 people to run it while he travels the world with his wife and three daughters. In the past 8 years, they’ve traveled to and lived in 32 different countries.

TSB014: David Henzel on Managing Happiness, doing meaningful work, and applying business practices to family
David Henzel is co-founder of MaxCDN which was recently acquired by StackPath, he has been published in Inc., Venture Beat, Huffington Post, Fast Company and countless other large publications. He’s currently working on both a course and a book, called Managing Happiness.

TSB013: Courtland Allen of Indie Hackers, learnings from interviewing 120+ Founders
Today’s guest is Courtland Allen, an MIT grad, a Y-Combinator alumni, has been a co-founder for several startups over the years, and most-recently launched Indie Hackers, where Founders share the revenue numbers behind their profitable apps, side projects, and businesses, and give in-depth interviews about how they did it.

TSB012: Oisin O’Connor on how to mine for ideas, get them to market quickly and learn as you go
In this episode I talk with Oisin O’Connor, co-founder of ReCharge, the No. 1 solution for e-commerce stores for recurring billing and subscriptions. Oisin reflects on how he got started, the challenges of balancing client work with passion projects, how he validated early app ideas, and the joys of landing on “one juicy problem.”

TSB011: Natalie Nagele on solving your own pain points, drowning out competitor noise and building a spectacular team
In 2000 Natalie Nagele and her husband Chris founded Wildbit as a web design shop in Philadelphia. Their business evolved from there, and today it’s the parent company of three successful products—Beanstalk, a development workflow; DeployBot, a code deployment tool; and Postmark, a marketing email delivery service. In this episode, Natalie reflects on how good ideas build on each other, how luck and timing play into product success, why she doesn’t pay attention to competitors, and the importance of taking care of your people first.

TSB010: Gabriel Murillo, Founder of Podcasting Press, on growing and scaling a ‘service as a service’
Gabriel Murillo, Founder of Podcasting Press, on growing and scaling a ‘service as a service’. Podcasting Press is a subscription-based podcast editing service started by Gabriel Murillo. Gabe has found success as an entrepreneur at a young age with Creative Talent OnDemand and now Podcasting Press, clearing 6-figures within just a few short years. He created these businesses and others all while in high school and college.

TSB009: Growing business through creating great experiences, with Lee Rubenstein
Today’s guest is the Co-founder of ArtSnacks, a subscription box for discovering your new favorite art supplies. He also also the creator of EatSleepDraw, an online art gallery where he posts 100% original content submitted by contributors across the globe, and is the largest user-submitted blog on Tumblr. Lee shares some amazing stories, including how met David Karp, Founder of Tumblr while working in a co-working space, and how his blog EatSleepDraw helped shape Tumblr.

TSB008: Garrett Dimon, on starting and sustaining a bootstrapped SaaS through good times and bad
Garrett Dimon Founded and bootstrapped Sifter, a bug and issue tracker, and ran it for 8 years until it was recently acquired. He’s also the author of Starting & Sustaining, a book about building and launching a web application with less pain and fewer mistakes — something we could certainly all stand to do.

TSB007: John Doherty: How quitting consulting led to traveling the world and 11k MRR
John is formerly the head of growth and marketing for Trulia Rentals and, brands both owned by Zillow. He has also consulted with some of the largest companies in the world and some of the coolest startups. He is now the Founder of Credo, a SaaS company which helps businesses find the right digital marketing consultant or agency to grow their business online.

TSB006: Yusuke Ishikawa: How he quickly grew and sold a company from selling Japanese candy, and he makes it sound so easy
Yusuke Ishikawa co-founded Skoshbox, a subscription box service delivering Japanese candy and snacks to your door. Hear how he got the idea, validated it, and had paying customers within minutes of launching a site. Yusuke makes it sounds easy. Skoshbox has since been acquired by Tokyo Ataku Mode, where Yusuke is the Head of Subscriptions. Yusuke also offers a coupon code during the show.

TSB005: Why a serial bootstrapper decided to raise a seed round, with Drew Wilson
Drew Wilson is the Founder and CEO of Plasso. In this episode he talks about his process for bootstrapping a handful apps and products, and why he eventually decided to raise a seed round for his latest, after bootstrapping it to $10k-$20k/month by himself.

TSB004: Turning an open source side project into an $80k/month business with Mike Perham
Mike Perham is a critical member of the Java and Ruby communities as well as the open source software world. He has paved his way to running a very profitable business from Sidekiq, his open source software project. Very few people have found a way to make money from open source, and yet Mike will probably hit well over $1M in 2017, as Founder/CEO of Contributed Systems.

TSB003: Sustainable digital marketing, with David Mihm
David Mihm is first and foremost an advocate for sustainable digital marketing techniques for small businesses. In 2012, he sold his former company to Moz, helping over 3 million businesses get better visibility in the local search engines. He’s a co-founder of the Local University conference series. David now runs Tidings and his weekly newsletter, Minutive.

TSB002: How a first-time entrepreneur turned his passion into a very successful business, with Matt Fiedler
Matt is the CEO and co-founder of Vinyl Me, Please, a subscription vinyl record club. Matt is a first-time entrepreneur and seeing success with his first company after studying entrepreneurship in school.

TSB001: Why you need to find the right size audience, with Benjamin Curtis
Ben has been developing web apps and building startups since ‘99. He launched his first SaaS, Tesly in 2001, his second, Catch the Best in 2007, and his third, Honeybadger in 2012. Along the way he also wrote an ebook (2005), launched (2008) and sold (2015), and contributed to open source projects along the way.