Podcast gear and setup

The SaaS Bootstrapper Podcast is recorded using Garage Band when it’s just me.

Interviews are done over Skype, and recorded using Call Recorder, in multi-track mode, so my voice and the guests voice are recorded on separate tracks, allowing better controls in the (quick) post-production process.

Microphone: Heil PR-40 Dynamic Studio Recording Microphone — this dynamic mic is the go-to for podcasters and many broadcasters.

Mixer: Mackie 402VLZ 4-Channel Mixer

Boom stand: (See kit below)

Shock mount: (See kit below)

Audio Converter: To get the audio from the mixer to my laptop (MacBook Air), I use an iRig which allows me to input the audio into the laptop via USB.

NOTE: You can purchase all of this, minus the mixer, as a kit, and save a bunch of dough.